IN MOD WE TRUST - Our motto defines our approach to dive safety. Adventure and exploration, never compromising safety or security.

We provide bespoke tuition based on where you want to take your diving. Whether you're happy diving on shallow reefs, or you want to take photos of the engine room in that special wreck at 80m, or you want to explore that cave no one has been to before, we can provide you with a training plan that will make you a safe diver in any environment.

From open water diver to wreck, cave and deep exploration rebreather, we will help you choose your path, always with safety in mind.


If you can't always find the time to keep up with your training, we can help you optimise your training.

Whatever your certification level is, we will help you practise the skills that you'll go back to whenever you need them the most.

We organise Dive Masterclasses where we work together, so you can practise and improve your diving with our advice and guidance.

A diver is made in the water, but if you don't have time to get wet and still want to remember the skills, we do exclusive 1 to 1 video call sessions where we address all your queries and doubts.


We organise dive trips to the best wrecks in the Mediterranean (Malta, Croatia), and can help you plan your trip wherever you want to explore next.

If you like wrecks and their History, we organise bespoke themed Heritage tours for any level of diving: from open water to hypoxic trimix rebreather, covering WWII ships, submarines, planes.


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